We make commercials and videos. Our emphasis is on crafting compelling, engaging stories that people don’t just watch, but content that people search for, share, and can’t stop talking about.

About Us

We create content of all kinds. Intriguing Facebook posts, powerful Instagram photo campaigns, compelling YouTube videos, or even brand videos to feature on your website.

We are equal parts production company, ad agency, think-tank, and creative strategists. You might come to us with a concept, a rough idea, or with neither, but when we’re done you’ll have a final, polished product that speaks to your brand and captures your audience's attention.

We handle everything in-house from concepts to script writing, production, animation, graphics, editing and post.  We work with brands and companies that share our belief that traveling off the beaten path is the only journey worth taking.

We believe that story comes first. Yes we have really nice cameras and super cool gear, and we love talking about our gadgets, but we put a huge emphasis on crafting a narrative and telling your story.

Give us a call or drop us an email, we’d love to hear what you’re working on and how we can help make it come to life.

The Team

Rand Courtney

Rand began his career in the entertainment industry as a young actor performing in commercials, film and television but soon turned his attention to producing video content and films
Rand now lives in Los Angeles where he continues to put pen to paper, tinker with cameras, and explore more about the amazing craft of film making.

Joel Dovev

Joel is a Stand-Up Comedian, published author, and Creative Deviants Head Copywriter. He grew up in the suburbs outside Boston but now resides in Los Angeles, CA. Aside from working on writing projects he enjoys spending time with his dog named Huxley, collects international Star Wars posters, and loves a good root beer.

Our Process

We ask a lot of questions. We want to make sure we understand your business, who your audience is and what you are trying to communicate to them. We believe the "story" is the most integral part of your marketing campaign so we strive to excavate that information to most effectively get your message across.

This all sounds great, but how much does it cost?

This is always one of the first questions people ask and it’s a difficult one to answer. It’s hard to give an exact quote because there are so many variables: schedules, scope, pyrotechnics, you get the idea. But we work with all sorts of budgets, from the simple (but gorgeous!) $1500 KickStarter video to the $100K Airplane commercial. Don’t have a budget? That’s ok. Sometimes we’ll work for equity, especially if you’re just starting out. This isn’t something we take lightly and it’s something we’ll discuss to make sure it’s a good fit.

Sound interesting?
Drop us a line or tell us a little bit about yourself and what you’re working on and how you’d like us to help.

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