3 Things To Know Before Making A Video

19 Feb 2019

3 Things To Know Before Making A Video

By: Rand

Video Transcript:  3 Things To Know Before Making A Video

Hello, I’m Rand Courtney from Creative Deviants and I’m here today to talk about the three things that you should know before you make a video.

Here at Creative Deviants, we work on all types of videos, from commercials to documentaries to product videos and even some with some overly friendly puppets, and this advice is for any type of video you want may want to have made.

So the first thing to know before you make a video is what are you trying to say. Would you want to introduce a new product? Would you want to inform or educate? Are you launching your company? Trying to entice new employees? Just looking to make some new friends? Once your audience has this information you want them to do something about it.

Which leads us to our second thing to know before you make a video and that is: What do you want viewers to do after they’ve watched your video?

Do you want them to click on a link? Sign up to your newsletter? Buy your product? Donate to your campaign? Call you to hang out? This is also called a CTA, or a Call To Action, and knowing this is a big step in ensuring your video is successful.

The third thing to know before making any video is the who.

Who do you want to watch this? Now, this might be broad like, people who like pillows or might be really specific like HR managers looking for chemical engineers in the greater Cincinnati area. These three might sound really simple, and they are, but they are super important and before you start coming up with ideas or writing your script know exactly what you want to say, what you want viewers to do, and who you want to view it. That will help make the entire process go a lot smoother.

So boom, those are the three things to know when making a video. My name’s Rand Courtney. I’d love to hear from you. Drop me a line, email, Twitter, Instagram.


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