3 Things To Look For In A Video Production Agency

21 Dec 2018

3 Things To Look For In A Video Production Agency

By: Rand

Video Transcript:

Hi, I’m Rand Courtney from Creative Deviants and I’m here today to talk about the three things you should look for in a video production company or video agency. Now this list doesn’t always include a company’s previous work or having a decent, well-organized website because those should be obvious. With that said let’s get started, shall we?

Number one, are they great communicators? Since someone will be communicating on your behalf you want to make sure that they are good communicators on their own behalf. From the first you speak, do you understand what they are saying? Are they clearly stating their ideas in a way you understand? If there is a lot of miscommunication at the onset, chances are that’s only going to continue.

Number two. Do they get you? Now the “you” in this can be your product, your brand, your company, whatever it is, you want to make sure that whoever you work with totally gets you and they understand what makes you unique. It’s like dating, or any relationship. They need to get who you are, what you’re about, your values, your weaknesses. What’s your favorite takeout?

The third and last thing to look for in a production company or video agency is what does their proposal look like? Is it just like a one-page document with some numbers on it? Or is it a well thought out and clear vision for your project? Does it look awesome? What’s the design like? I know this is just a proposal, but it can be indicative of what your overall experience will be like and can help show how much pride a company takes in their work. If their proposal looks like crap, you don’t want to find out what their videos look like.

So those are our three things to look for in a production company or agency. My name is Rand Courtney, if you have any questions or comments feel free to reach out to me directly. I’d love to hear from you.