Best Video Production Blogs

25 Sep 2018

Best Video Production Blogs

By: Jon Taggart

Unveiling Creative Deviants’ Video Production Mastery: A Blog Series

Embark on a Video Production Adventure

Since its inception in Spring 2010, Creative Deviants aimed to launch a video production blog series. Busy schedules often sidelined our personal projects, yet we managed to create insightful videos for those aspiring to professionalize their corporate video production skills. This series, packed with tips from industry experts, covers everything from corporate and commercial videos to documentaries.

Why This Blog Series Matters

We launched this vlog with two goals in mind:

  • Educational Purpose: Sharing our accumulated knowledge is our primary aim, helping newcomers navigate the video production landscape.
  • A Guide for Marketing Associates: Additionally, these videos serve as a primer for marketing professionals new to video production. Essentially, this blog caters to beginners across the board.

Achieving Our Aim

Success for us means imparting knowledge about corporate video production and sparking a bit of joy in the process. Specializing in corporate, commercial, and documentary content, we’re excited to share our expertise.

Explore Top Video Production Blogs

Join us on this journey and delve into the world of video production with Creative Deviants. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to refine your skills, our blog series is here to guide you.