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26 Aug 2020

What to expect during the editing process

By: Rand

Video Blog Here -  What to expect during the editing process Ever heard the expression, “We’ll fix it in post.”? It means something will be fixed in the post production process. Like if you have a microphone in your shot. Unless you’re the heir to a candy fortune or are the grandson of an oil baron, don’t rely on fixing anything in post. It’s the quickest way to have the cost of your budget balloon and your delivery date extended....

20 Jul 2020

How to Write a Script

By: Rand Video Transcript: How to Write a Script Introduction to Scriptwriting with Creative Deviants Embarking on Your Scriptwriting Journey Greetings, Everyone! Today, we delve into the essentials of scriptwriting. Crafting a compelling script is a complex process. Similar to how Rome wasn't built in a day or "The Godfather" wasn't penned overnight, mastering scriptwriting takes patience and practice. Our objective is to spark your interest in the key components of scriptwriting, setting you on the path to success. Identifying Your...

28 Apr 2020

Video Production during Covid-19

By: Rand Video Transcript - Production in the time of Covid Live from my sweet, sweet bunker in an undisclosed location comes another superfluous and sardonic video of me telling you what you should be doing with yourself. All the evidence suggests that we may be in for the quarantine for quite a long time. If that is the case then we have to figure out and adapt to a new way of marketing to one another. I personally have really...

11 Mar 2020

How to Start a Production Company

By: Rand   Starting Your Journey in Video Production Embarking on How to Start a Video Production Company Thinking about how to start a video production company is akin to preparing for an adventurous journey. Much like the unpredictable nature of childbirth and the complexity of running a Ponzi scheme, launching and operating a production company combines challenges with immense joy and creativity. The Dual Faces of Independence Pros and Cons of Running Your Own Video Production Business Being your own...