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21 Dec 2018

3 Things To Look For Video Production Agency

By: Rand

Video Transcript: Los Angeles Video Production Agency Hi, I'm Rand Courtney from Creative Deviants and I'm here today to talk about the three things you should look for in a video production company or video agency. Now this list doesn't always include a company's previous work or having a decent, well-organized website because those should be obvious. With that said let's get started, shall we? Number one, are they great communicators? Since someone will be communicating on your behalf you...

29 Nov 2018

Start Making Videos

By: Rand

Start Making Videos When I was 11 I made a movie. Look at it. Yes, it’s terrible. Yes, you can barely hear what anyone is saying. And yes, that is me 'acting'. If I ever write a book on how to start a video production company, The Butler Did It. That was 27 years ago. So much has changed. It’s taken me this long to feel like I know what I’m doing. But one thing that was true then is...