28 Apr 2020


By: Rand

Live from my sweet, sweet bunker in an undisclosed location comes another superfluous and sardonic video of me telling you what you should be doing with yourself.

All the evidence suggests that we may be in for the quarantine for quite a long time and if that is the case then we have to figure out and adapt to a new way of marketing to one another.

I personally have really enjoyed seeing all of the late night hosts setting up their iPhones and iPads to record rough versions of their normal big budget late night shows. This is inspiring and humbling, because it relays the message again that the bells and whistles aren’t really what matters, its the message.

In these times I find myself doing what I am best at, surviving. I’ll be honest I am used to clients with 5 to 6 figure budgets, which means higher margins for my business but now I find myself kissing the ass of a 23 year old video gamer who w ants to pay me $50 to edit his long form Minecraft videos. So, we all need to make sacrifices, we all need to eat a little humble pie every now and again.

The old proverb says “necessity is the Mother of invention” and thats been a guiding light throughout my career and in fact in some of the most dark times in my personal life or business, there has always been some amazing thing to come out the other end.

It’s now more important than ever to be self sufficient, consistent and adaptable because the competition just got thinned out in some places and new areas where no competition was before, is now flooded with superior talent looking to make ends meet.

So, it is with much hubris  I have decided to abandon my position as noble Youtube influencer, back to a position that garnered me much success, Rand the ONE MAN BAND is back in action and accepting all of your mediocre jobs including but not limited to birthdays, weddings, bar mitzvahs and yes, even births (if you can get me into the hospital)

Until next time