Budget For A Video Production

08 Apr 2019

Budget For A Video Production

By: Rand

How To Budget Video Production

Welcome to our blog! I’m Rand Courtney, CEO of Creative Deviants, and today I’m excited to guide you through creating a budget proposal for video projects. Understanding how to effectively price your services is crucial for growing your business and is often one of the first inquiries from potential clients. However, it can also be one of the most challenging questions to address adequately.

At Creative Deviants, we consider four primary factors when creating a budget proposal or bidding on a project:

  1. Timetable: The project timeline is critical. How long will it take, and what is the client’s deadline? Projects with urgent deadlines often incur higher costs due to the accelerated pace required for delivery. The timeframe set for the project significantly influences the overall quote.
  2. Scale of the Project: The scope of the project includes considerations such as the number of shooting days required and the logistics involved. Every day on set incurs costs, which can vary based on the size of the crew, the necessity for travel, and other resources. For instance, you might need sound operators or several assistants for multiple days. Understanding and planning for these details is essential for accurate budget assessment.
  3. Editing Requirements: The amount and type of footage dictate the editing workload. A project with extensive footage, like a documentary, requires more time for reviewing, making decisions, and editing compared to a scripted commercial with a clear storyboard. Additionally, consider whether the project requires complex graphics or animations. Some clients may only need raw footage, which impacts the post-production budget.
  4. Your Value: The most critical aspect when quoting a video production is your personal contribution to the project. Rates can vary significantly among production companies based on their expertise and market positioning. Be realistic about your skills and business stage, and research your competitors to understand market rates in your area. Being confident yet realistic about your capabilities will not only reflect your professionalism but also help secure future projects.

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