How to Write a Script

20 Jul 2020

How to Write a Script

By: Rand

Hi Everyone, I’m here today to talk

a little about how to write a good script. Now this is a pretty expansive topic and it’s not something we can cover completely in just one video. As they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day and The God Father wasn’t written in one either. But the goal of today is to get you thinking about what elements to include and to get you on your feet.

So let’s start out with some

question that you should have the answers for as you start. Now this can work for commercials, product videos, corporate videos, pretty much a wide array of video scripts. I’m a big fan of simplicity so we’re going to use a sock as an example.

Just a plain old sock. This is my product. So, we’ll use this to answer our questions.

The first is ‘Who’s your audience?.’ Pretty simple. People who have feet and wear socks.
The second is ‘What is the main message I want to communicate?’. They’re comfortable. In fact, these socks are the most comfortable socks you’ve ever worn.

‘What benefits do I want to relay?’

They help your back. They help circulation. They keep you cozy. What is the problem I am solving? The discomfort of wearing sub par socks. They make life easy because your feet are being hugged by clouds. ‘What do I want viewers to do after watching?’ Buy these socks on our sock website.

Now that we’ve answered those

questions, we’d start brainstorming ideas. Perhaps showing someone literally wearing clouds on their feet. Or us seeing how happy people are wearing our socks. The options are limitless. Ok, so let’s move on to writing a draft.

You have a general idea for your

video but not sure what to do? well, it’s time to write it. There are tons of scriptwriting software available – Celtix, Final draft, but for a 1-3 minute video, those aren’t always necessary, in fact, they usually aren’t.

All you need is a word document

with two columns. We created a template that you can find a link for in the description. But yes, two columns. On the left is what we hear – someone speaking, music, voice over, whatever it is we as the audience hears, that goes on the left.

Then on the right, what we see. It can be a close up of your product, B-Roll of people laughing, an interview, a graphic or logo.

We see a document with two columns. On the right we see “We see a word document with two columns”. On the left we see “Then on the right, what we see. It can be a close up of your product, B-Roll of people laughing, an interview, a graphic or logo”.

Once you get all of this down with a flow you like, we find it’s always best to read it out loud to get an accurate sense of timing.

Now again, this is just a cursory introduction to writing a great script but if you stick to this format, your video will

be on its way to being amazing.