Who we are

Video production like any art, is subjective.

Taste, more than anything, determines how you enjoy video content. If we produce funny corporate video, or emotionally engaging documentary film meant to stir the soul, the essence of empathy should be there for the viewer. Empathy for the characters on the screen if they are buying soap or selling you subscription snack boxes. The audience wants to see something familiar in a creative digital video production and they want to feel something too.

Not your typical los angeles creative agency.

Consider us the the Davids, the Rocky Balboas, the Rudy Ruettingers, the Daniel Larussos. Our team of producers are humbled by what we do. Creative Deviants take creative video production seriously, however, we try to always have fun doing it.

This crew choose to be a small, tight-knit company. It allows us to be more attentive to our clients and work collaboratively with them. Additionally, it also allows us to be more efficient without some any B.S. subsequently, we are a commercial production company in Los Angeles but we work all over California and the world. Production travels as documentary film makers have taken us to far off places. Uganda, Rwanda, Peru, Alaska, Thailand and Japan. What’s more, the Deviants are a well seasoned video marketing agency.

Why we are different.

Are we a documentary production company?

Sure. A creative video content creation shop, absolutely. Product video strategists, definitely. Certainly, we are those things and a lot more. Our team focus more on what we do rather than our label. Producing rich, fulfilling commercial, corporate and documentary content that speaks with authenticity and clarity. This team of creative producers work with brands that haven’t launched and Fortune 500 companies alike.

Our video production company prides itself on working closely with each commercial, corporate, or documentary client.

Experienced experts with years of creative agency knowledge guide you through the 3 stages of video production. Subsequently,you can trust Creative Deviants to create a voice and an an image for your brand, product or service.