Here’s the thing: every client is different. The process from beginning to end can vary greatly. You might already have a concept that might need some work. You might have no idea other than it just needs to blow a lot of minds. Because we work so closely with clients, we don’t just ingest and spit out work, we join hands and kick doors down together. (Figuratively, not literally. Doors are crazy expensive).

But to get a general sense of our process, we start big and narrow it down. Generally speaking, there are 5 stages of our process.

The Start. You give us a call and tell us what you need. Maybe you have a concept, maybe you don’t. Either is fine. We agree on the length of the final piece, when you need it by, and agree on a budget. Contracts are signed and we dive into it.

The Idea. We get to know you. We learn everything we can. We work collaboratively with you to know what you’re looking for, what you’ve tried before that has worked, and what hasn’t. Once we get to a good place we start forming some ideas. We’ll bounce them off other members of our Creative Deviants family. When they’re ready, we pitch them to you. You’ll love them. Really, you will. It will be hard, but you’ll choose one to move forward with. You’ll give us some notes. We’ll run with that to deliver a draft. Some more tweaks until it’s just right.

The Pre-Production. We plan. We plan. We plan. We work with some amazing and experienced producers who formulate the best, most efficient strategy to bring ideas to life. This can include finding locations, a studio, actors, the right cinematographer, or 27 lbs. of confetti. Anything and everything that needs to be sorted out before the director yells “Action”.

The Production. The director yells “Action” and we film everything that needs to be filmed. Except we use video. But you get the point.

The Post-Production. We’ve already got the right editor lined up (we took care of it in pre-production) and we let ‘em rip. They edit. You get a “cut” and give us notes. We do another cut to refine anything that needs refining. Once you’re happy with the “cut” (and you will!) we do any color correcting, sound editing, or graphics work that needs to be done. Then we deliver the project in a format of your choosing and bam!

You now have a finished, polished video.