Business Video Production Services

business video production services

What we do

Firstly, we are a team of creative misfits with passion who like to kick ass and take names. However, sometimes we enjoy working with little children. Having said that, we know how to behave on set. Our team of creative geniuses have been producing exceptional commercial, corporate and documentary content for a very long time. Additionally we handle all elements of production from writing to editing and everything in between.

How we do it

Secondly, every project is a little bit different. That being said, we take every detail seriously because details are what makes great video content. Finesse and competence only comes with trial and error, years of experience, and perseverance. Somehow we have progressed up the ladder of video content creation to arrive at your doorstep with fresh and exciting ideas.

Case study

Lastly, the video below is one of three videos we wrote, produced and edited for Honey, the e-coupon giant. Two videos were funny consumer facing videos, including this one starring a young child actor. Working with children and animals can be very tricky but we pulled this off in record time. We hope you like it.

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