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Creative Deviants Pearson Insight Video: A Family Affair

Creative Deviants teamed up with Pearson Education in a unique collaboration. Together, we launched “Insight,” an internal software. This project stood out by involving Pearson’s employees’ children. Such a personal touch underlined the software’s user-friendliness and Pearson’s community spirit.

Introducing Insight Creatively

The Essence of Insight

Our project went beyond ordinary software. It aimed at boosting productivity and deepening educational insights. We presented “Insight” in a way that felt personal and simple, thanks to the perspective of children.

Creative Storytelling with Creative Deviants

Balancing Professionalism and Fun

Incorporating children into the “Insight” narrative posed a delightful challenge. Creative Deviants excels at blending professionalism with fun. This method not only displayed the software’s features but also echoed Pearson’s family-friendly atmosphere.

The Significant Impact of Insight

Engaging Pearson’s Team

This video became a key engagement tool within Pearson, showing how “Insight” could transform their operations. It proved that innovation doesn’t have to be complex. The collaboration between Pearson and Creative Deviants set a new benchmark for creativity.

Join Forces with Creative Deviants

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