Corporate Video Success: Creative Deviants and Pearson’s Mastering A&P Project

Corporate Video Production: Enhancing Educational Software with Creative Deviants

A Strategic Collaboration with Pearson Education

Creative Deviants, a leader in corporate video production, recently partnered with Pearson Education to create an engaging video for their product, Mastering A&P. This collaboration aimed to produce a video that not only highlights the features of the educational software but also connects effectively with its business-to-business audience, ultimately benefiting end-user students.

Mastering A&P: A Case Study in Corporate Video Excellence

Crafting a Video that Educates and Engages

The project involved developing a video that explains the complex functionalities of Mastering A&P in a simple, engaging manner. By utilizing high-quality visuals and clear, concise messaging, Creative Deviants helped Pearson Education demonstrate the value of their software to educational institutions and decision-makers in the academic sector.

The Role of Corporate Videos in Educational Marketing

Connecting Products with Clients

Corporate videos are essential tools in the marketing strategies of educational products. They provide a dynamic platform for showcasing product benefits, explaining intricate features, and enhancing overall brand perception. For Mastering A&P, the video served as a bridge, connecting Pearson’s innovative solutions with school administrators and educators looking for effective teaching tools.

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