Corporate Videography

Corporate Videography

What is videography?

Firstly, look in the Webster’s dictionary for the definition and you will see: “the process or art of making video films.” Putting great emphasis on “ART” in that definition. Nowadays everyone has the ability to capture relatively great video on their cell phones but that doesn’t mean those same people are the next Spielberg’s. Additionally, videography can be extremely technical and ever improving. Yesterday’s hot camera could be tomorrow’s paper weight and you need someone who is actively navigating through those oceans of expertise.

What makes a great videographer?

Even though it might be a guy/gal showing up with a camera and some lights, there is a lot more that goers into capturing intriguing images. For instance, simply framing a shot or “composing an image” is a skill. Understanding how to add light but also how to take it away. Make no mistake, your videographer is (or should be) an artist keeping a keen eye on the perfect position, light and angle for your shot.

Case Study

The below example was a video we were called on at the last minute. For a company that specializes in providing roofing services via mobile app. We were tasked with coming into their San Francisco offices and create a story about their company. Our team of creative content producers and corporate videographers spent a day at the offices capturing interviews and supplemental footage of their offices in addition to the downtown area where their offices are located. Corporate videograhy is our specialty.

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