Creative Video Production

Creative Video Production

 How to be creative?

Firstly, being creative might be located in some gene in your DNA, subsequently not a gene that everyone will have. Fortunately for you creativity can be learned or outsourced. That being said, choosing the perfect creative partner to collaborate can be very tricky. Creativity thrives on equal participation, feedback and support for others ideas, even if they are stupid. Creativity is more of a responsibility than a skill in our opinion. Once you have it, you must use it wisely.

Creativity in video production

Secondly, modern marketing relies heavily on video. After all, you can convey so much more in a 30 second video than you could in one written article. Creativity can be applied into any branch of video production; commercial, corporate and documentary. No one says that your marketing video has to be boring. With a little patience and proper collaboration, you too can create intriguing and effective video content. Creative video production is a must for marketing especially if you want your audience to actually do something.

Case study

Lastly, Creative Deviants is hired by Ring Central, (yes that phone meeting service) to write and produce 4 different marketing videos for a variety of audiences and purposes. The following video is a B2C video aimed at consumers and we were given free reign. We produced a sci fi ad, with humor and special effects. Please let us know if you would like a free proposal for your video project. Contact us.