Educational Production Companies

educational production companies


Firstly, we cut teeth in the educational content world working with such huge brands as Pearson Education, McGraw Hill, Cengage, Macmillan Learning and many others. Subsequently, during those years we produced commercials, promotional ads, e-learning courses, and author videos. Additionally, comedic team building videos for sales meetings. We have done it all.

Why we are different

Secondly, our approach is custom tailored to the project at hand.  Producing an adaptation is quite different than an e-learning course. Every bit of research and elbow grease that goes into each project is done completely from the ground up.  For example, years of knowledge and experience has taught us the respect needed for creating quality video content. Like many production houses, we have a standard 3 stages of the process; pre-production, production and post-production. Each stage is vitally important to manage correctly and efficiently. Additionally, we take pride in always delivering on time and on budget.

Case study

Lastly, the video below demonstrates how we adapt esoteric and complex subject matter like statistics. Subsequently, creating a funny series of short films starring interesting actors. This is high production value and not every production needs to be produced in this way. Our team of creative producers will collaborate with you to determine what is right for you. educational production companies

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