Educational Video Production Companies

educational video production companies

How it happened

Firstly, Creative Deviants fell into educational content creation. That is to say, it was accidental in every sense of the word. Our team never wanted to focus on this particular avenue of production but when we started working with students and teachers, something clicked. Subsequently, we realized how much we enjoyed working with real people in real situations.  Every bit of research and elbow grease that goes into each project is done completely from the ground up.  For example, years of knowledge and experience has taught us the respect needed for creating quality video content.

It worked

Secondly, producing real people into documentary style content became our thing. For example, in 2019 our team of creative content producers and documentary filmmakers started production on feature length documentary film. It follows real students with harrowing stories. Additionally, we have created stop motion animation series for STEM skills for college course.

Case Study

Lastly, the corporate video production below was created for an e-learning app for Pearson Education. Specifically, an advertisement to sell the services to university administrators and professors as means of more precise study. Our idea was to make it light, funny and cast a bubbly female spokesperson to lead the content. Our educational video production companies handled all stages of production for this series of ads.

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