Los Angeles Commercial Production

Los Angeles Commercial Production: Aerial Mastery by Creative Deviants

Introduction to Aerial Videography Creative Deviants’ foray into aircraft video production began unexpectedly but has since soared to new heights. Our initial project in Alaska’s freezing conditions involved filming single-engine Cessnas, a challenging task that introduced us to the thrilling world of aerial videography.

Documenting the Aviation Industry In 2011, while clamping GoPros to aircraft under extreme weather conditions, we captured every critical moment of flight, including some heart-stopping landings. This intense assignment marked our entry into specialized Los Angeles commercial production, particularly focusing on the aviation sector.

The Mooney Aircraft Documentary Our adventure continued as Mooney Aircraft enlisted our expertise for a documentary. Tasked with chronicling the revival of their aircraft production, we spent six weeks immersed in their operations. This project wasn’t just about capturing the mechanics of aircraft manufacturing; it was about telling the story of a brand reborn with a rich history and a promising future.

Why Creative Deviants is the Choice for Your Commercial Needs

  • Expert Storytelling: We turn complex subjects into engaging narratives.
  • Advanced Technology: We utilize the latest in filming techniques to deliver superior quality.
  • Versatile Filming Capabilities: Our team excels in adapting to challenging environments, ensuring high-quality results under any conditions.

Engage with Creative Deviants For those looking to make a significant impact through video, Creative Deviants in Los Angeles is your premier partner. We specialize in creating compelling commercial productions that resonate with audiences and elevate brand narratives.

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