Motion Graphics Video Production

Motion Graphics Video Production

Moving images in marketing

Ever since the very first moving images of a man on a horse in June of 1878, audiences themselves were moved by how powerful film could be. The same was true when the Lumiere brothers projected a moving train onto a theater screen in France, only to find the audience screaming and running from the theater for fear of being run over. The power of the moving image is palpable, even after 100 years. Nowadays, audiences are so used to being flashed video after video, it’s hard to get noticed through all of the noise.

Attract the eye

Secondly, the modern marketing plan almost certainly is filled with video content. Subsequently, video is proven to attract more attention and increase the audiences likelihood for action. This is why video is so important. Nothing can move an audience more than real empathy from a real person on screen. No article could show the fear or sadness in someone’s eyes after their house has burned down. You can’t write the funny moments that happen naturally between friends or family. Video can do all of those things and more if used correctly.

Case study

This project was brought to us by one of our favorite clients, Pearson Education. We have partnered with them for years on a variety of video marketing videos including documentaries, corporate content, training videos, and much more. Every year Pearson has a large sales meeting where they require content to be created on the fly based on their needs at the time. We produced this piece as an opener to one of their general meetings. It employs motion graphics as a way to tell the story and garner emotion form the audience. If you have questions about video production or would like a free proposal, please contact us.