Sex Education Production Company

sex education production company

A sensitive subject

Firstly, producing creative and intriguing video content is hard enough as it is. That is to say, translating language or adapting a book, it’s crucial that the truth of the subject matter come through to the audience. Studying the intended audience is a key element of the research that goes into adapting such material. Make sure you know who you are speaking to and it will never go wrong.

Important messaging

Secondly, when we decide what flavor of video is to be assigned with a client, we must take into consideration the expectations of reality within the story. Is this to be a narrative commercial where actors are portraying feelings and emotions to inform or instruct? Or would a documentary approach best fit the tone and feel of the subject matter for this particular client?

Case study

Lastly, our client, Health Connected, return to us year after year to produce a slightly updated corporate documentary used to raise funds for their non profit. Filming real people such as children, teachers, administrators, and the founders of the company, creates a genuine feel to the video. We pride ourselves in working with real people and producing incredible performances form them on screen. Check out the video beow.

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