Stop Motion Animation

Stop motion animation animation is a wonderful but tricky art form to master.

It’s all about the frames

Firstly, it can be very time consuming taking 1 picture for each frame of final edit time. To clarify, 24 pictures equals 24 frames = 24 seconds. Painstakingly repositioning and clicking until the right movement is nailed. It takes practice, patience and a steadfast will. Luckily, we have an expert team of artists and designers who can handle just about any creative project.

A Different Look

Secondly, the herky-jerky nature of stop motion is a classic signpost of old school cinema and thats not a bad thing in some cases. So much of todays marketing uses digital special effects in post production so a way to separate from the herd is to go old school. The technique should fit the project and in this case, it did.

Case Study

Lastly, take a look at this sample project from our long time client Pearson Education. We produced a series of stop motion animation videos to accompany a textbook. Rudimentary concepts meant a rudimentary approach to the art direction. We spent days drawing, tracing, designing and cutting out shapes and patterns from various materials.