Training Video Production

Training Video Production

Training day.

Firstly, training videos are essentially educational videos. To clarify, the purpose of the video is to learn something, hopefully well enough to execute the job. The videos could be training on a variety of techniques and in an endless list of industries. Creative Deviants produces succinct, efficient and well crafted training videos with experience in forklift, aircraft, a variety of curriculums, and sunglasses.

Subject matters.

Secondly, collaboration between the client and the creative team is crucial. To clarify, we are the experts at video production and the client is the expert at…whatever it is that they do. The two melding of minds is how the sausage is made in a safe and environmentally safe way 🙂 Creative Deviants has years of producing not only training videos but corporate video in general, documentary video and commercial video content. We dive deep into the subject matter so we fully understand the project, goals, audience and expected intention after viewing.

Case study.

Lastly, our longtime client Pearson Education wanted to collaborate on an adaptation to a statistics book. Sounds exciting, right? Actually, the author of the book is quite cheeky and was keen to play a little in the sand box so to speak. What came of that fateful collaboration were twelve comedic videos training college students about the basics of statistics. The book is “What is a P-Value Anyway?” If you want to talk about video production, contact us.