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One stop shop

Firstly, Creative Deviants handles every element and stage of the creative video production process. To clarify, we never outsource our projects to other production houses or freelancers. We work with an ever evolving conveyor belt of amazing talent, depending on what the project is. For example, we may need an excellent carpenter and 3 location sound operators for one gig but for the next we need an amazing cinematographer, a green screen studio and 20 gallons of neon paint. The crew and techniques we employ are entirely dependent on what your creative video needs.

3 stages of production

Secondly, we collaborate, ideate and provide outlines, scripts, storyboards and ultimately several versions of the script (in whatever form that takes). Additionally, we use the script and the pre-production materials to plan and execute the filming of the content. Hiring everything from actors to gaffers, scouting locations, but most importantly guiding the production along an efficient timeline and always on budget. After that, we will string-out, sequence, organize, catalogue and finally edit the filmed footage. Additionally, color correction, audio mixing and any other post production procedure is all handled in house.

Case study:

Lastly, the below video demonstrates how our company of creatives handle all elements of the production process. For example, writing a script around an esoteric and somewhat confusing technology for B2B audience. Likewise, rigging cameras in odd places for cool perspectives. We are really proud of this one. video production la

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