21 Apr 2022

How to be creative

By: Rand

Hi, Im Rand Courtney, from Creative Deviants here to talk a little about the creative process. What is creativity? Are you born with it? Can you learn it? And most importantly how in the hell do you actually be creative? First of all everyone has the capability of being creative. When you hear your favorite song on the radio and the hairs stand up on your arm, thats the beginnings of creativity. Now, it's just about harnessing it and using...

26 Aug 2020

What to expect during the editing process

By: Rand

Video Blog Here -  What to expect during the editing process Ever heard the expression, “We’ll fix it in post.”? It means something will be fixed in the post production process. Like if you have a microphone in your shot. Unless you’re the heir to a candy fortune or are the grandson of an oil baron, don’t rely on fixing anything in post. It’s the quickest way to have the cost of your budget balloon and your delivery date extended....

20 Jul 2020

How to Write a Script

By: Rand

https://youtu.be/_oE08hmSFpY Video Transcript: How to Write a Script Hi Everyone, I’m here today to talk a little about how to write a good script. Firstly,  this is a pretty expansive topic and it’s not something we can cover completely in just one video. As they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day and The God Father wasn’t written in one either. But the goal of today is to get you thinking about what elements to include and to get you...

28 Apr 2020

Video Production during Covid-19

By: Rand

https://vimeo.com/412437172 Video Transcript - Production in the time of Covid Live from my sweet, sweet bunker in an undisclosed location comes another superfluous and sardonic video of me telling you what you should be doing with yourself. All the evidence suggests that we may be in for the quarantine for quite a long time. If that is the case then we have to figure out and adapt to a new way of marketing to one another. I personally have really...