The 3 Stages Of Video Production

10 Jan 2019

The 3 Stages Of Video Production

By: Rand

Video Transcript: 3 Stages Of Video Production

Hi, I’m Rand Courtney from Creative Deviants and I’m here today to talk about the three stages of video production.

So, without further adieu, the three stages of video production are, drum roll please: Pre-production, production, and post-production. Now, my company, Creative Deviants, is a video production agency, and we handle all three of these stages, but not all companies do. Some only do production, some only do post-production. So keep that in mind.

Pre production is where you come up with your idea, develop it, write a script and get it to exactly where you want it.

From there pre production covers all the planning, from hiring your cast and crew, securing locations, budget, renting gear and equipment, makeup, wardrobe, props. Don’t forget about how people are going to get to those locations, so transportation is part of that. As is food, people need to eat, so plan ahead. Once all your planning is done, and when you’re ready to go, then you film it. 3 Stages Of Video Production

Now, this is the fun part. It’s time to film or record all of what you’ve been working on.

I think this is pretty simple to understand. Production is when you actually just make whatever it is you’ve been planning on making. Because the pre-production is the most important part.

Now, the third and final stage is post-production. This is where you edit your project, you add graphics, effects, titles, sound, or anything that needs to be fixed in post. That’s it. So, those are the three stages in video production. My name is Rand Courtney and if you have any questions or comments feel free to reach out to me directly. Goodbye.


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