Documentary Film Production Companies

documentary film production companies

Documentary is realism.

Firstly, we incorporate documentary-style techniques into many of our productions. because, frankly, that is what we do best. To clarify, we are not huge fans of contrived or forced scenes with real people. It’s not a practice of ours to coach our subjects. Alternatively, we create an environment on set that breeds openness and vulnerability.

How Documentary is applied.

Secondly, aside from filming both full-length and short-form documentary subjects, we specialize in shooting docu-mercial content. That is anything being a hybrid documentary and commercial. Additionally we have produced amazing and compelling corporate documentaries for our clients.

Trust our methods.

Lastly, Creative Deviants is among the most experienced documentary film production companies in Los Angeles and San Francisco. We have years of trial and error, experience and brain power to make your production a success.

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