Creative Deviants is a full service video production company that specializes in working with colleges, universities, schools and publishers to create creative and entertaining elearning, education, and instructional videos from ages k-12 to higher ed to college.

Creative Deviants has worked with universities, colleges, and educational institutions across the spectrum to crate a vast array of informative and educational content. From K-12 to Higher Ed, we work closely with publishers and stakeholders to adapt and implement their curriculum.

Though we have worked across multiple disciplines and subject matter, one thing remains the same: Creative Deviants is dedicated to creating educational videos that are uniquely crafted depending on the needs of every educational institution and e-learning student.

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Sales Meeting Opening

ConCiencia (w/ English subs)

Macmillan – iClicker App


Pearson Education – Mastering

S.T.E.M. – Math


Anatomy and Physiology


Ferris Wheels

Soccer Field Sizes




Long Beach City College