We are among Los Angeles and San Francisco’s top video marketing agencies.

Our producers know you need kickass video content. Our video production website and boutique production company ideate and produce content looking for a voice. Specifically, a voice for your brand, product or service that represents your message. Subsequently, your brand identity is at stake. Amazing video content can be adapted into a funny video for corporate meetings. It can be a simple digital video of your product or even a complex educational video.

Ours is a small production company so we work closely with you to hone your video production.

From every stage, our team of expert video producers collaborate through pre-production to post production in a very speedy process. Someone wise said, “There’s no harm in hoping for the best as long as you’re prepared for the worst.” That’s a quote we take to heart. One we feel is quoted from a true commercial video director. Creative Deviants employ state of the art camera and audio equipment and we hire experienced professionals to work with them.

Here’s the thing: every client is different.

The process from beginning to end can vary greatly. You may have a concept that you want to workshop need. Alternatively, you might have no idea other than it just needs to blow a lot of minds. Because we work so closely with clients, we don’t ingest and spit out work, we join hands and kick doors down together. (Figuratively, not literally. Doors are crazy expensive).

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Creative Marketing Agencies. There are a lot of Los Angeles production companies. There are a lot of different processes but in general they are going to be the same.

To get a sense of our video content creation process, we start big and narrow it down. Generally speaking, there are five stages of our process.

The Start.

Consult with a senior creative video producer. Maybe you have a concept for a funny corporate culture video, or maybe you are simply looking for commercial video production, Either is fine. Our team of experts will help you decide what your exact needs are. We agree on the length of the final piece, when you need it by, and agree on a budget. Paperwork is signed and we dive into it.

The Idea.

Our producers get to know you. Subsequently learning everything they can. Working collaboratively with you to find what you’re looking for, what you’ve tried before that has worked, and what hasn’t. Once we get to a good place we start forming some ideas. Our team bounce them off other members of our Creative Deviants family. When they’re ready, we pitch them to you. Hopefully, you love them. It will be hard, but you’ll choose one to move forward with. It’s at this point the notes begin. Subsequently, we run with that to deliver a rough cut of the edit. Some more tweaks until it’s just right. This is the scripting/outlining process. It is the most work and takes the longest but that’s what being prepared is all about.

The Pre-Production.

Planning is key. Our producers and the client work with amazing and experienced video content producers who formulate an accurate and efficient strategy to bring the ideas to life. This can include location scouting, a studio, casting actors, hiring the right cinematographer, or producing 27 lbs. of confetti. Anything and everything that needs to be sorted out before the director yells “Action”.

The Production.

This video production agency employs state of the art technology in all of our digital video productions. This includes the highest quality digital cinema cameras and lenses. Pristine audio capturing microphones and mixers. Additionally, a wide array of lighting and camera support to bring your project’s production value up several pegs. We shoot all of our projects as though they were films.

The Post-Production.

Lastly, we’ve already got the right editor lined up (we took care of it in pre-production) and we let ‘em rip. They collaborate with you and the senior content producer. The client gets a “cut” and give us notes. Another cut is produced to refine anything that needs it. Once you’re happy with the “cut” (and you will!) we do the necessary color correcting, sound editing, or graphics work that needs to be done. Then we deliver the project in a format of your choosing and bam!

You now have a finished, polished video.