Video Production Company LA

Video Production Company LA


Q: How much does video production cost?

A: That depends. Please watch our video that explains quoting. Additionally, please follow our video blogs.

Q: How long will my video production take?

A: Typically 6-8 weeks from concept to final edit although we can rush jobs if needed.

Q: What is the creative video production process like?

A: Please watch our video that explains the 3 stages of video production.


Producing quality creative content has been a passion for us for many years as a result we have crafted a unique approach. The methods and practices we employ revolve around story first and foremost.  Secondly, the characters or subjects of the video. Without a well examined character, the audience can’t connect with the story enough to continue watching. Lastly, but certainly not least, the look of the video. Choose one the most experienced Video Production Company LA.


Being a digital video company means we have to keep up with all the latest advancements in camera, lighting and sound. Likewise, keen and sharpened editing skills are absolutely essential to the success of our videos.

That should help clarify before you fill out this questionnaire. Or Contact us.

Video Production Questionnaire

Please be as specific as possible.

It is crucial that you can detail as much info as possible for us to get a handle on the exact needs you require. Every digital video production is different so the costs and timing could be beyond the expectations of the budget. With all of the appropriate info, we can provide an exact quote for your video production in LA or SF.

    Do you need Three :30 second commercials? A videographer for an event? A 2 minute product video? You get the idea

    Do you sell a product? A service? A quick paragraph telling us the basics is a great start.

    What do you want it to accomplish? Is it to get new customers? Launch a product? Help find a distributor? Raise funding?

    Check all that apply

    Online (Youtube, Facebook, Etc)Live EventTrade ShowBroadcastInternallyOther

    Age, Gender, income? Specific demographics is always helpful

    No? That’s ok. Yes? Great, tell us about them or email us your script

    Under $3,000$3,000-$10,000$10,000-$20,000$20,000 and aboveNot Sure