Documentary Production Companies Los Angeles

Documentary Production Companies Los Angeles

Firstly, our mission is to provide the very best collaboration and guidance to our clients through the filmmaking process.

We believe in one important part of producing a creative piece of content whether education, informative, or an observational documentary. Story is king. Of course you can’t plan everything when you shoot a documentary. However, you can outline what you plan to happen, or something you anticipate in the characters decisions. Being ahead of the story will keep you from getting behind the eight ball. Creative Deviants is a Documentary Production Companies in Los Angeles that values preparation when preparing scripts, outlines or character arcs. We are obsessive about the preproduction process because we have learned through years of trial and error in digital video content creation. You can never be too prepared.

Secondly, we value efficiency and economics when producing documentary films.

Our creative team of producers, cinematographers, location sound men, and gaffers have been working in the industry for decades. Therefore we know exactly what cameras, lenses, lighting and gear to customize for our clients shoots. No set is the same. Therefore every documentary film has a slightly different process depending on the script. We employ simple mirrorless and DSLR cameras to digital cinema camera and lenses such as Arri, RED, Panasonic and BlackMagic. Subsequently all of these tools are meant to enhance the characters and the scenes they inhabit not detract.

Lastly, we do not believe in the phrase, “Don’t worry, we’ll fix it in post.”

Foregoing focused work in favor of laziness is not our bag. We know that there is only one shot to get the shot in documentary. We can’t ask the subjects to cry again or divulge that family secret one more time for the other camera. Our team of creative experts main job is to be a fly on the wall and observe. We guide you through the editing process with ease and reliability. We know how stressful it can be putting together a film. Trust us. Please contact¬†us for a quote or to simply ask a question about video production.