Funny Video Production

Funny Video Production.

We are, at heart, a Funny Video Productions Company.

Firstly, we love laughing and making people laugh. As a result of our childhood class clowning no doubt. Subsequently, we have taken those deficits and turned them into skills to pay the bills. Our team of creative experts write, produce and edit hilarious, comedic, and slightly amusing alike.

Creative Deviants is a Los Angeles based Creative Agency.

Secondly, we are not just a funny firm but a collective of film makers and dreamers. With decades of experience in corporate video, commercial content and documentary film, the team has got you covered from script to edit.

How we do it

We work with a team of comedy writers, sketch comedians, improvisers, and stand up comedians.  We love to create funny, hilarious videos. While some of our videos have gone viral, we know how to produce comedic videos for any brand, product, or company.

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