Airline Baggage Hack

29 Feb 2020

Airline Baggage Hack

By: Rand

Welcome to the Creative Deviants blog! Today, we’re diving into the sometimes thrilling, often expensive world of traveling for video production. We’ve got some serious pro tips on managing the hefty costs of transporting gear. Strap in as we share a travel hack that’s saved us thousands, and could do the same for you.

The High Cost of Traveling with Gear

At Creative Deviants, our projects take us all over the map. Traveling isn’t just about the destination; it’s about bringing all the necessary equipment to capture the perfect shot. This often means lugging around multiple bags full of high-tech gear. But here’s the kicker: the costs associated with transporting all that equipment can be astronomical.

Consider this: a recent trip from Los Angeles to Dallas with seven bags could have cost us over $2,440 in baggage fees alone. That’s right, with some bags weighing over 50 lbs, fees can escalate quickly, ranging from $30 for the first bag to $200 for additional ones, plus hefty overweight charges.

Discovering the Airline Media Bag Rate Loophole

However, there’s a lesser-known secret that can dramatically cut these costs—the airline media bag rate. Buried deep within airline websites, often on the checked baggage page, is a golden ticket for media professionals. This rate allows you to pay a flat rate for each additional bag without facing those painful overweight fees.

Here’s how it breaks down: instead of shelling out $2,440, we only paid $640 round trip by taking advantage of the media rate. That’s a whopping $1,800 in savings!

Navigating Airline Policies

It’s essential to note that each airline has its own set of rules and requires some form of media identification to access these rates. There isn’t an official DMV for media pros, so we got creative. We designed our own official-looking media IDs—complete with a barcode snagged from Google images, laminated for that extra touch of authenticity. Guess what? It’s worked every time.

The Bottom Line

Traveling for production doesn’t have to break the bank. With a little know-how and some clever maneuvering, you can save big. So, next time you’re gearing up for a shoot that requires air travel, remember this hack and keep your budget intact.

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Remember, in the world of video production, being a bit deviant with your approach can lead to massive savings and smoother travels. Happy filming!

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